User Role Editor Pro Free for 3 months.

User Role Editor Pro Free for 3 months – it’s the new and the only membership level available at from March 8th, 2022.

Just subscribe or upgrade the existing account and you will get membership for 3 months for free. You will not pay a cent until current free membership period expiration, even if a paid membership will return back.

User Role Editor Pro Free for 3 months subscription allows you during 3 months:

  • Download User Role Editor Pro from the Download page;
  • Get guaranteed support and automatic updates of User Role Editor Pro for unlimited live and development copies.

I took decision to make User Role Editor Pro support service free due to current uncertainty with payments and payment gateways between Russia and EU, USA and other countries. I will continue to keep User Role Editor Pro up to date, and provide support for subscribers on the same level as long as it’s possible.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Garagulia.